Have you ever wanted to talk to a woman in a public place and don’t know how? In this article I will share with you some strategies that will help you meet women in public places, and increase your chances of getting a date. If you follow these strategies, and be persistent you will become more confident in yourself and you will be comfortable talking to women.

Why Are Men Afraid To Talk To Women?

Most guys are afraid to talk to women, because they don’t believe in themselves and don’t have the confidence and skillset to do so. With the invention of online dating apps we have become used to meeting women online.

Approach Her

It is not just about talking the talk; you also have to walk the walk. First things first, approach her, smile warmly; it will help you make a stronger first impression. Then, say Hello, introduce yourself properly and ask for her name.

For example:”Excuse me, I know you’re busy shopping, but when I was over in the coffee section, you had this very cute rock star look, that caught my eye. So I had to come over and find out more about you. I’m James.”

If she is carrying any load at that moment, you can offer to help if she doesn’t mind.


how to attract women

Compliment Her

No lady does not fancy a good compliment. It brings a smile to their faces. So tell her ” that she has a great smile”, ” that you love her sense of fashion”. Compliment her necklace, earrings and outfit. But you should be careful not to be too overwhelming with your compliments so that it sounds genuine. A genuine compliment will go a long way to flatter her.

Ask Her How She Is Doing

A nice way to start a conversation with a woman anywhere is by asking her how she is doing. Politely ask her, “how her day went; was her day enjoyable; did she have fun”. Do this, and before you know it, you have gotten her to start talking.

Also, while she speaks, make a good first impression by showing off your listening skills. This way, she would know that you are genuinely interested in her.

Make An Observation About The Environment

If you’re at a social event or public setting you can start a conversation with a woman by making an observation about her or your surroundings. An example you can use is if you’re at coffee shop, you can open up by making an observation about the art work on the wall or the music that being played. You can make an observation about the way she’s dressed in the form of a compliment.  It can be somethings she’s waring or the style of her hair that reminds you of something.

Talk About Pop Culture

This is probably the best way to start a conversation with a woman because many topics are to talk about. You can try asking her about her favourite music, movies, books, Tv shows, and the list goes on and on. Ask about her best celebrity, her favorite Tv show character and even her favorite book author.

The Secret To Meeting Women Is? 

If the idea behind you approaching the woman is to flirt, you should possibly try being clear and transparent . Being authentic and confident is great way to make a girl blush and get her attention. The secret to being transparent  is to be bold and confident.

Although following these tips can cause a big impact on the responses you get from women, you should also know that the way you look and portray yourself also matters. Therefore, you must make sure you look more confident, use a bold and powerful voice. And remember to smile warmly; it makes you look less threatening and helps the woman feel more relaxed around you. If you want to have confidence to talk to women practice these strategies, and work on building your confidence to be attractive to women.

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