How to be more positive

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness or appreciation that has the potential to shift your whole perspective. Gratitude is one of the most powerful and transformative emotions. When you feel grateful, your thoughts are focused on what you like rather than what you don’t have. When we focus on gratitude, we’re less inclined to complain about what’s going wrong in life and more excited by all the positive things happening around us.


We often forget to practice gratitude and instead rely on our busy schedules to get us through the day. But while we all want to be productive and happy, our lives can easily become a hectic whirlwind of work that leaves us feeling stressed out. One thing that can help is practising some gratitude all time. This can help you stay more positive during the day, as well as helping you sleep better at night.

We have so many reasons to be grateful, and sometimes it’s hard to remember them. But when we focus on the good in our lives, we tend to see things differently. A problem may still be a problem, but it no longer feels like such a burden when you look at all the good things in your life.


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Here Are Powerful Benefits That Gratitude

Can Bring Into Your Life

  • Gratitude clears your mind and focuses on what’s good in life rather than what’s wrong.
  • Gratitude promotes positive thinking and forward-looking behaviour.
  • Gratitude allows for more resilience – building a stronger mindset against threats and adversity.
  • Gratitude creates a greater sense of patience, which is part of the journey and the process that life requires.
  • Gratitude boosts your overall health and improves your immune system.
  • Gratitude helps you focus on what is essential in life, and it also increases your willpower because you like what is in front of you rather than focus on what’s missing or unavailable to you.
  • Gratitude increases your willpower to be positive despite the negative thoughts and emotions you feel
  • Gratitude helps you become more resilient because of the hope you have for a better tomorrow.
  • Gratitude increases your level of spirituality and makes you believe that there is something greater beyond what we can see or understand

be more positive in your life

How to Practice Gratitude

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Write down everything you think of that makes you happy. Feel the emotions the moment you write them down, and let them guide your thoughts when you don’t know what to feel. For example, if you are feeling grateful, make a list of people who have made your life easier or better somehow. It is a beautiful way to clear your mind and focus on something positive.

Remember the Bad Days

you’ve once experienced.  When you remember the times’ everything seemed to go wrong, and you felt like nothing was ever going to get any better and comparing it with your current states, you’ll feel grateful. I truly and deeply appreciate the fact that you have come a long way from where you were. Life is a journey, not a destination. You can never be too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. Always be proud of who you are, what you have accomplished, and what your future holds.  It is from these past trials and tribulations that you have become the person you are today.

Share Your Gratitude with Others

. This is a simple way to start your day. Write down just three things you are grateful for in the morning and share them with someone else.

Appreciate What You Have

. One of the best ways to practice gratitude is to appreciate what you have in your life – even if it feels like something small, like being able to see or hear or walk, or having a roof over your head. Spend time on “showing up” – attending meetings at work, gym class, volunteering… and when you show up, pay attention. Showing up in a good way for the world – is one of the best ways to practice gratitude.

Be Grateful for your body

The body is the most amazing thing you will ever own. It’s what allows you to be happy and have a life doing things that matter. When you show gratitude for your body, it’s no longer a thing that will break down and alarm you. Instead, it’s a tool to be used with wisdom and pleasure.

Don’t complain,

but don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Our culture loves complaining: the more complaints we make, the more important, valuable and successful we feel. So complaining is an excellent way to practice gratitude – but only in a gentle way – don’t complain loudly or too much.

While gratitude so powerful, it has the power to transform your life by progressing it in a positive direction that can ingrain it into your DNA. Practising gratitude for ourselves and others will help us achieve greater happiness, less anxiety, better mental health, more relationships, and tremendous success in life.


If you follow these strategies that will help you practice gratitude in your life  you will be more fulfilled as a person, and love yourself, when you love who you are as a person and a are grateful for what you have in life, you will become more positive and confident. You we feel great mentally, and be able to enjoy your life.

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